Because of her own success as an actor, many fellow actors have requested Glorinda's keen assistance in building their careers as well. Therefore, she founded a coaching service to assist other actors in that mission, 'Get Bizzzy! Acting Coach.

'Get Bizzzy! Acting Coach. offers a great "Excel Your Career in the Bay Area" package that will get your acting career jump started now. Glorinda will give you a large packet of information that takes many actors years to accumulate. She will go over everything in detail and teach you what it takes to run your acting business locally. She will review the tools of the trade such as head shots, resumes, demo reels, and marketing as well as encourage you to sign up with all the local Casting Directors and explain how to go about landing an Agent. She will also tell you where to find good local classes and so much more.

Your private session will last up to 2 hours and will include a Q & A so you can get your own specific burning questions answered, too. Each student is in a different space in their career so your session will be custom designed to suit where you are now and to help you devise a plan for where you want to go with your career in the future. Glorinda invites you to email her with any questions following your private session to make sure your plan is clear. The 'Get Bizzzy! Acting Coach. ~ 'Getting Started in the Bay Area' package will teach you what you really need to do in order to turn your passion of acting into a thriving business & dream career locally in the SF Bay Area.

Here are some REVIEWS from recent GET BIZZZY students:

"... A two hour one on one session is totally worth doing. Do it."
John Ruddock - Director, Writer, Actor

 "... I booked a commercial right after talking with Glorinda - I attribute it to the energy she gave me!... Thank you so much for all the suggestions and encouragement. I always learn so much from Glorinda when I have a class with her."
Clarice Gault - Actress

 "Since we spoke I have gotten an agent, been the lead vocalist in a play, done a cabaret showcase. I am currently in rehersal most nights for another play and going out on auditions of course....Non stop since we spoke. I believe that get bizzzy is so concentrated that you cannot help but get bizzzy afterwards. You explanations on what to do next.. were the best I've ever had and your support with photos was fantastic. You made me feel like I can do it. Like it was simple just do the steps. Had a l -2 -3 kind of feel. I felt like I just spent the most important 100.00 dollars of my life."  
Tracy Chapel - Actress

 "The actors here in the Bay Area are so very lucky to have a person like Glorinda. This talented bizzzy gal always made time to answer any questions and was there for me when I didn't know which way to go. Take classes with her and you will find that her energy inspires you to reach for your goals. Her kindness and spirit just kinda gave me the confidence I needed to get going and get bizzzy and I have kept bizzzy! Just her smile alone lifts me off the ground, so thank you Glorinda and God bless."
Riki Shae, Actress

"Glorinda Marie is a wonderful consultant who recently helped me in my quest to move from study to practice as an actor. She is a working actress who is extraordinarily well informed about the business side of acting and securing work. Given the amount of guidance and valuable information I received, her rates are truly bargain. But wait! It doesn't stop there. It's Glorinda's spirit: genuinely enthusiastic, generous, and energetic, that comprises the icing on the cake. Her love of acting and her desire to help and encourage her fellow actors, no matter how inexperienced, makes the session come alive and contextualizes the mountains of facts and techniques she presents to the client. She was even kind enough to recommend me to an indie filmmaker with whom I subsequently worked. Glorinda's the real deal and a joy to work with. I can recommend her without reservation."  
Joel Roth - Actor

"After several years behind the camera I decided to get back to acting again and Glorinda was invaluable in getting me back up to speed on how things work these days and what I need to do to sharpen my appeal, skills and approach. Two hours saved me months of work on my own learning about the Bay Area acting scene."
Kristin Higgins - Director for River Place Productions & Actress

"Wow! That was so worth the time and energy. When I make it big....I am gonna make sure you get props! It's so difficult to find people who really care about the little folks and give them something to hope for. My dream of acting was almost done in. Today...I feel a renewed sense of hope. Thank you for the investment of your time into my life Glorinda Marie!"
Evelyn Hicks - Actress

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