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We Implement

Ideas Beyond Imagination!

Glorinda is an international Holding company with many sub-branches all over the globe. Our complimentary activities help the expansion of businesses all over the world. 

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Our Mission

It’s our mission in Glorinda to work powerfully and focus on creating and defining innovative and modern systems and structures in the region of economic activities and help them to grow and develop, to show humankind that innovative and efficiency-based solutions can be designed and run, and be successful.

Considering this approach, we want to create horizontal and parallel structures which reinforce and protect each other, instead of axial structures; Organizations that have, leading and modifying effects and also developing effects on each other. That’s why in Glorinda we focus on running economical and industrial activities that have interaction and are synergic, and we try to avoid designing and running individual structures and systems.

We Implement

Our Vision

In Glorinda, we believe that with a modern creative sight, we can avoid most of the losses. Our vision in Glorinda is to make changes consciously and intelligently. We can increase and accelerate the positive and helpful changes for humankind and avoid the loss of non-renewable human resources, energies, materials and etc.

This matter will be possible only by defining new and innovative methods in creating economic and industrial structures and systems. In the future, we have to become an exemplary role model, and also an ideal consultant and cooperator for designing and implementing efficient and successful economic and industrial structures. 

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Our Values

We transform the business by providing innovation and support in all aspects; from trading to financial. Our clients will recognize us as supporting hands in all business areas where they can rely on. We will always be pioneering, spirited, client-focused, driven, innovative, talented, passionate, committed, creative.



Trust is the basis of all relationships. We say what we do and do what we say. We advise openly and honestly. Whatever we do, we do it right and we do it together. To become this trusted brand we have to develop a culture that focuses on commitment, quality, teamwork, will to win, and personal responsibility. By acting in accordance with these values, we will inspire the loyalty of our customers and partners and will obtain a sustainable leadership position in our business.


We constantly act with diligence, sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, security, conscientiousness, thoroughness, honesty, and decency - in all aspects and directions


we understand our business as a development of a long-term, recurring and lasting business relationship whereas our focus is always the best possible solution for our partners and customers. We are not interested in one-time business.

With the capabilities of GLORINDA we will contribute in different regions and industries to achieve its full potential in a sustainable and cooperative way we could define which regions and types of industries. The sustainable way it’s said in a broad meaning, apart from the eco meaning, is decreasing the economic gap between regions helps to achieve a more sustainable world.

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What makes us happy