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For Solar Power

Glorinda is a leading company in the deployment of Sustainable energy; Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to get distanced from one of the most conventionally known as Sustainable energy sources, Solar Energy, & by any means we are proud to pronounce that we would become one of the poles of this industry thanks to our vast grid of finance, expertise, trade & supply. Solar energy is considered as a core of the high-tech industry in energy supply due to the fact that it is new, advanced, profitable, up-to-date, suitable, Sustainable & definitely CLEAN; Hence, it’s our obligation to obtain the maximum capacity of this technology in order to bring a massive change in energy production but first we have to describe a figure of this system which even great companies like Google, Walmart & Microsoft are using as the main source of energy supply for their departments.

About Solar Technology

Solar technology, depending on how it is absorbed & distributed or converted into electricity, can be divided into two general categories: passive solar & active solar. Active solar technology includes the use of photovoltaic systems, centralized solar energy & solar water heating to extract energy. Passive solar technology involves orienting the building toward the sun, selecting materials with the desired thermal mass or light scattering properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air. If we want to divide the applications of solar energy based on the type of extraction equipment and the type of their use, we will have:

  • High-Temp energy sources: These sources have a very high temperature and will be used to generate electricity.
  • Medium temperature energy sources: medium-temperature solar energy sources are used for active heating, water heating, and heating of buildings.
  • Low-temperature energy sources: Used to heat light units in the industry.

Because of wide exploitation of solar energy, especially the usage of solar cells, even in individually sections like residential, office & commercial buildings by installing them on the roof tops or on the near open ground in the property it is important to know the technology and varieties.

Solar cells are divided in 2 variations which is mentioned as follows:  


Silicon based solar cells (Traditional):

These cells are the most commonly developed solar cells, but because they are produced in high-temperature vacuum conditions, their production is relatively expensive. The structure of this model of cells is fragile, thick and rigid and does not have the flexibility of nano cells at all. It takes about four years to cover the cost of building and installing these cells by reimbursing their costs and profitability.

Dye-sensitized solar cells (Nano cells):

These cells are newer than silicon cells and cost less to produce because they are made under normal conditions and at room temperature. In addition, they have a flexible, lightweight and thin structure that makes them easy to bend or place in special places. It takes about three months for these cells to become profitable and the profit from energy storage to be equal to the cost of building and installing them, which is much less time than traditional cells.

This question had been answered since the arrival of mankind, We realized that maintaining water behind dams & reservoirs can almost fix our issue of shortage but this water still needs to be treated to become usable.

We give you

The Unlimited Energy

It is important to realize that Sun provides an energy which is bigger than 10000 times energy the humanity consumes for a year & if only, 0.1% of Earth surface was covered by solar cells & their efficiency was just only 10%, all the energy needed by man kind could be easily provided.


Glorinda believes, its obligation & necessity is “Sustainability”, and we are committed to this duty; Therefore, all the solutions/services above are in the direction of providing this transcendent purpose.