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About the Environment

Briefly, imagine the environment as a financier & the life cycle on earth is a project that has been invested in; Therefore, environmental assets will play their roles exactly as follows:



Finance & currency
Workforce & labor



Although the functions & requirements are almost like each other the results are totally different.

  • A currency that represents available finance is gaining its value via the balance between its amount & its support, so more proportion is equal to a higher value; Exactly the same, high-quality air means remaining the balance between the share of the constituent particles of air.

  • Workforce & labor must be developed optimally, requires payment to be functional & efficient & Expects insurance to guarantees its recovery & aftermath; Exactly the same, water must be consumed frugally, requires attention & treatment when it comes to its sources to not become a crisis & expects treatment in the aftermath to provide a changing bed from wastewater to become clean & non-hazardous water.

  • Equipment is the last asset that provides the acceleration, higher efficiency, more quality & possibility to impossible; Exactly the same, land provides space for construction, mining to obtain required materials and to dispose of solid waste.

“Man’s Economical Assets May Function like Environments’, but a little change will result in a bankruptcy for Man & a huge Extinction for Environment”

Corporate Service

What We Offer for the Environment

Glorinda is the sheer concept of eco-friendly; We are the Safe keepers of Environments finance which is Air decontamination; The solution of Environment’s workforce management which is water & wastewater treatment; we are almost the environment’s equipment to maintain the land by clearing the surface from solid waste.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Waste Management

“Life Owes Air”

What we offer for
Air Section?

Glorinda is one of the leading companies who believe we have to pay this debt by maintaining the environment, but how?

Glorinda is

Freshwater is very important, it’s a reason of life on land & it’s not the sole but the base of development.

Providing access to treated water, the high-quality drinkable liquid is Glorinda’s expertise


What we offer for
Waste management?

Solid Waste Management isn’t just sanitary, it’s a turnkey solution for Sustainability

Glorinda is obligated to Sustainability & this duty requires solid waste management as a top rate obligation; Therefore, we provide services in the fields of managing solid waste which is separated into different sections

Corporate Service

Descover Our Services

Glorinda believes that a great investment is the one that comes with short & long-term benefits; Therefore, the ones that fit in this frame would be our goal. We have comprehensive services to serve the energy market. 

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