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Endless Possibilities

With Glorinda's Maintenance Service

Endless Possibilities

With Glorinda's Maintenance Service
we are defining the

Next Generation of Maitenance

Glorinda believes that not also the sale chain would not finish after the product delivery, it will continue till the end of the product’s life so due to this reason we provide after sale services that include installation, triggering, repair & parts supply, in another words “We take care of our customers”

“We’ll Stay Right Beside Our Customers”: From the beginning of the raw material supply till the end of the consumption, parts delivery till the end of the products lives, even from the beginning of the idea till the technological plus engineering services are operated, from usage till the end of the life cycle.

Worldwide Experience

We save you from


Also, one of our services is Operation; Since, some of the employers will face some issues due to the novel technology or training the man power consumes time which will directly affect the start of work & causes delay, Glorinda will take the responsibility of triggering & operation till the time that transferring of the technology & utilization is completed to avoid further waste of time and financial expenses; We are also able to cooperate with the considered employer at training the man power to maximize the utilization.

What We Do

In each step, we identify or anticipate potential defects by carefully evaluating the processes and by frequent improvement of the processes, we avoid further costs.
01.Listening to customer's needs
02.Evaluating actual needs
03.Providing proportionate solutions
We stand beside you in

Step By Step Improvement

Our purpose of “operation” is definitely very different from the common concept of “utilization”; Our view in the operation is basic training based on constant analysis which means we detect the additional plus energy waster processes & wastage production then with changing or correcting the current solutions, plans & upgrading the old technologies to the new updated ones which will result in the obvious utilization increase of full operation; Most of the time these small changes will affect to a higher efficiency, lower energy loss, lower pollutant production, more friendly user processes & reduction in man power usage.

We help you to

Reach the next level of maintenance

Our services in installation, triggering & maintenance are all in the direction of Glorinda’s transcendent goals; It is worth to be said, we don’t see maintenance & repair as only a parts replacement process which means it’s a technical engineering action either in our opinion or our records; Therefor, “repairment doesn’t mean replacing the broken part with a new exactly similar part”; Investigation on utilization of each part is the key solution to seek routes to a longer plus useful life cycle of parts which obviously results in fewer parts offer; By the way, choosing cheaper & more local solutions, are the “turnkey management” that we provide for assisting industries to lower their expenses.

what give you

Limitless cooperation opportunities

All of our solutions in trading are in the direction of the transcendent goals of the group & aiding planet Earth to become a better living place.  By using a wide range of agreements & contracts, we can protect the comprehensive interests of our customers and eliminate their restrictions on trade.