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For Wind Energy

One of the most conventional Sustainable energy sources, by any means & factors, is definitely Wind energy; Although, wind energy utilization has vast sections from generating electricity to generating mechanical rotation force for windmills to even simple sailing boats.

Glorinda, as an expert in the field of engineering & investing in Sustainable energy sources, believes that Wind energy can be an alternative for non-sustainable & non-renewable fossil fuel energies; Due to this fact it’s our duty to present the pros & cons of this popular energy source:

  • The technology used to extract energy from wind is a simple and proven technology and will have an economic life of 15 years and more without the need for large investments.
  • Energy generation operations from this source are done automatically and without the needs of people and will have low maintenance costs.
  • If we exclude the cost of fueling the vehicles transmitting the energy produced, it can be said that wind power generation equipment does not require any fuel and does not incur costs for fuel supply and logistics transportation.
  • Compared to other conventional energy sources, this source has fewer environmental effects.
  • Wind energy technology in developed countries is a mature, well-developed, and reliable technology.
  • Wind energy technology in developed countries can be modeled on developing countries and used entirely or only to supply part of a unit of energy. (For example, the methods and technologies of developed countries can be used and modeled to supply energy to only one production unit)

Although the pros are actually astonishing; There are still small cons which is almost negligible comparing to the advantages that this system provides but as what our title implies, expertise & sustainability is our slogan so it is better to bring information about the disadvantages too which is as follows:

  • Wind farms can’t provide permanent electricity needs due to variable winds, & it is necessary in designing these power plants to install a backup. Turbines are used to generate wind energy & generate electricity, and three-blade turbines are the most common kind of wind turbines.
  • Due to the more severe winds in winter, it is better to take the necessary measures to extract energy from the wind in this season with more seriousness.
  • Most of the energy in wind movement can be found in the upper atmosphere. In this part of the atmosphere, the continuous wind speed reaches more than 160 kilometers per hour, and eventually, the wind loses its energy due to friction with the earth’s surface or the surface of the atmosphere.
  • The only major problem with wind turbines is their unsightly appearance and the loud noise they make. These issues can affect the lives of the animals around them and also tarnish the image of the environment.

Meanwhile 73.904 GW is the annual capacity of the current wind turbines all around world.

Glorinda believes that its obligation to sustainability, makes it to seek for a change & our view would be developing a greater net of sustainable energy production which includes wind power as one of its conventional & beneficial resources.
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The Unlimited Energy

According to available information, at the end of 2010, the nominal capacity of wind power generation worldwide was 197 gigawatts. There is currently a capacity equivalent to generating 430 terawatts of energy through wind energy worldwide, & this figure can provide 2.5% of the electricity needed for global consumption.


Over the past five years, annual wind power consumption in the world has grown by 27.6 percent, & it can be predicted that the share of wind in world electricity production, which was about 3.35 percent in 2013 & about 8 percent in 2018, will reach about 12 percent by 2025.