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Endless Possibilities

With Glorinda's Trading Service

Endless Possibilities

With Glorinda's Trading Service
we are defining the

Next Generation of Trading

At Glorinda, we don’t view trading merely as a connection between a customer to a seller. We consider trading as providing appropriate & smart solutions plus answers; Therefore, when we negotiate with customers, we seek for separating realistic needs that customers have from pseud demands because sometimes customers demand a fast solution which mostly it has been imposed on them & when you are listening to them & studying on their desire, you’ll find out that the solutions which they’d chosen are neither appropriate nor smart answer to their need.

Worldwide Experience

We save you from


By analyzing the situation, we try to correct the solutions and reduce the costs; Also with a forward-looking view, we present future solutions to our customers for their needs when the process continues. 

While helping the balanced development of industry & introducing new solutions, we aim to prevent the costumers’ movement direction to the pre-arranged & imposed solutions by industry’s superpowers so we could be able to provide customers’ interest at all stages.

What We Do

In summary, we meet the needs of our customers in 3 comprehensive steps:
01.Listening to customer's needs
02.Evaluating actual needs
03.Providing proportionate solutions

Professional Network of Experts

Glorinda is formed by industrial and business experts with a bright backgrounds from all around the globe, for this reason, we have no difficulty in providing raw materials, equipment, engineering solutions & workforce; We’re trying to provide the best & the most qualified trading services to our customers & we are doing it by our huge international network.

We help you to

Connect to the global network

One of our most important trading services in cooperation with local heroes; Our struggle is aiming to discover complexes which are strong in terms of innovation, technology & quality all around the globe & provide them a platform to connect to the global village; Our purpose by doing this process is to make an opportunity for collections with potentials &introducing their leading solutions to the world.

We help you to

Be the most powerful brand

Also, we can introduce products & brands under the name of a strong brand; Possibly many of the small companies because of the lack of ability are not able to compete with bigger industrial brands & lose the chance of presence & competition in national & international markets; So, we provide the possibility for the well-qualified companies to work under an accredited & international brand to present their products to the world and continuously develop themselves. 

we give you

Limitless cooperation opportunities

All of our solutions in trading are in the direction of the transcendent goals of the group & aiding planet Earth to become a better living place.  By using a wide range of agreements & contracts, we can protect the comprehensive interests of our customers and eliminate their restrictions on trade.