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Glorinda’s service for waste management

Glorinda’s service for waste management

“Managing Solid Waste or Becoming A solid Hazardous Trash Can?”

Nature has always decomposed the waste, recycled it into other material & utilized it in her cycle, it’s her default; Human waste is not in her default! Maybe we can consider natural disposal as an option but there are big problems with this consideration such as the long period that is required for decomposition process, some of them are terribly hazardous for environment & species, some of them are almost Irresolvable since they are either so durable for natural methods of degradability or they have long half-lives.

Nowadays, it’s not the 18th or 19th centuries concerns anymore since we have made numerous solutions for solid waste disposal which are unlike the earlier solutions of the industrial era because these are eco-friendlier & more useful.


“Waste is a Dirty Gold, but every ounce of gold must be extracted out”

Glorinda is obligated to Sustainability & this duty requires solid waste management as a top rate obligation; Therefore, we provide services in the fields of managing solid waste which is separated into different sections:




Energy Production

Glorinda provides a worldwide bed for constructing plants of solid waste management, From simple old method landfill disposal to high advanced energy production & recycling systems concerning sanitary protocols & sustainability demand of 2030 agenda; Therefore, we even provide multi-task plants that produce energy by using landfill natural methane emissions or incineration of the waste to provide heat & steam, and recycling the recyclable wastes to produce high-quality second-hand products.

As we always say: “Glorinda provide Sustainability even from non-sustainable”

Construction, design, procurement, engineering, optimization & repair, investment in new ideas or startups in this field is now a possibility for every single company or individual who wants to collaborate with us.