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Glorinda’s water & wastewater treatment service

Glorinda’s water & wastewater treatment service

“Water Is the Irreplaceable Lever of Development”

 Freshwater is very important, it’s a reason of life on land & it’s not the sole but the base of development.

Providing access to treated water, the high-quality drinkable liquid is Glorinda’s expertise.


Water & Wastewater Treatment

It’s very important to understand the cycle of water because this cycle will maintain the balance between concentrated sources of water & the scattered amount of this high-value liquid; 71% of Earths surface is covered with water out of this 71%, 96.2 % is saline & ocean-based water, from the remaining 3.8% only 0.5% is accessible water and the others are stored in glaciers, icy tips of mountains and snowfields; Adding the new worrying reality of climate change & global warming to this desperate fact of freshwater shortage and massive increase in evaporation due to global temperature rising plus icebergs meltdown & the mixture of their stored freshwater with saline waters of oceans, all together have made us realize crucial solutions for maintaining water; It must be noted, even accessible freshwater is not suitable for direct use since it contains hazardous microscopic life plus unhealthy & sometimes very dangerous materials & elements; So, What should we do then?

Fresh Water Percentage
Accessible Fresh Water

This question had been answered since the arrival of mankind, We realized that maintaining water behind dams & reservoirs can almost fix our issue of shortage but this water still needs to be treated to become usable.

Glorinda believes the first step of development is water maintenance, although maintaining water is very important for providing hydro energy and solving the issue of water supplies shortage or the waste of water, there are still processes that must be done to transform raw hazardous freshwater into drinkable & usable water.

Not only providing a bed to utilizing freshwater for dinking & daily usage is our priority; Like always Glorinda wouldn’t let any wasting or consumerism happen, so we even provide wastewater treatment.


 Wastewater treatment was always considered as an advanced industry due to the difficulties it has & preparations plus infrastructures it requires.

Countries such as Australia, Finland, Denmark, Estonia Malta, Belgium & many other advanced & developed countries realized the value of wastewater treatment, even they had moved to another step, exploiting wastewater for drinking use; Glorinda is the turnkey solution for such advances via its vast grid of invests on innovative startups, gathered elites & experts, designing & engineering plus installation, triggering, operating & even construction.


Glorinda provides the bed of development by making freshwater accessible, clean, drinkable & high quality; All of these operations wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t because of our vast grid of trade, marketing, investment, technical analysis, having specialized experts & personnel plus experienced engineers who can design, manufacture, install, operate & maintain the whole equipment and plants.

Glorinda is a company that is based on sustainable policy which means, recycling recyclable materials is not its goal but its job.