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Glorinda’s service for air decontamination

Glorinda’s service for air decontamination

“Life Owes Air”

Glorinda is one of the leading companies who believe we have to pay this debt by maintaining the environment, but how?

It’s definitely easy to answer this question: 

Do not pollute the air

Unfortunately, it’s not quite easy to act just as this goal wants; Even though it’s simple to consider frugal ways in burning fossil fuels, as the main providers of energy & GHGs producers, as the main path of preventing aerial pollution, it’s not sufficient.


Air Decontamination

By acting just as the 2015’s Paris agreement we have to become Sustainable at the deadline of 2030; This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of non-renewable energy sources, it means we have to utilize them for first-hand & second-hand industries to provide the equipment & tools for developing sustainable technologies. GHGs are not just limited to Carbon dioxide, although it’s the major but this spectrum includes CFCs, Nitrogen oxide, Lead &….

Filtration is one of the ways to prevent the leak & emission but not the production of these pollutants into the atmosphere; Even though production of these pollutants is almost inevitable in some cases & industries but by filtering the flow exit of these systems & equipment (i.e., plants’ chimneys, distillation towers &…)

Glorinda is here to provide the design, engineering, installation, procuration & even investment on the production of these tools; We believe that we are obligated to decontaminate the environment especially, Air since the life cycle on this planet is deeply in debt to it. Polluted air is equal to a hostile environment & this kind of hostility can easily become a sheer reason of crisis & hazard.


Glorinda is an expert on the fields of Sustainability, 195 countries had signed in the Paris agreement in 2015 but the process is still too slow for a big change like the 2030 agenda especially in more oil-dependent countries like the ones in the middle east region. By using our Experts, Engineering skills, Vast net of trade & finance we can provide progress & change in decontaminating air, operate related projects, install related equipment and tools, invest in a friendly green development.