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Our Obligation to “Sustainability”

Nowadays, the comprehensive growth in technology was such fast & varied that numerous varieties of scientific subcategories were shaped which, day by day, the depth & the numbers are increasing.

We are living in an era that the hesitation of life is confusing humanity.

Although the whole advance that was made through the time since the industrial revolution till now, we have observed that not only humanity’s issues were not completely solved, they have been growing or even new issues appeared.   

Illusive beliefs, the penchant for consumerism, moving toward utilitarianism for an ideology, individual, or a specific organization had made humanity seek technology without intuition and libertine movement. Non-universal view without sight from top to bottom, human beings had made many potential risks and dangers for themselves and other creatures on planet Earth. Most of these potential dangers can become de facto dangers in not a far future and they’ll threaten the life on the Earth.

Production of waste & non-degradable materials, increasing consumer devices, excessive consumption of energy & humanity’s move toward a toxic lifestyle can easily become the cause of crises such as Drought & Global Warming, Destruction of Habitat, Extinction of Species, Prevalence of Pests & The Disastrous rise of viral or bacterial illnesses. To prevent such irreparable damages, Humans must develop technology in the interest of all creatures on Earth.

Our intention in Glorinda is to step into different fields of human life & industry to reduce the libertine processes & by making smart & modern methods, taking a step toward the progress of technology & modifying the industrial and plural culture.

In every project, first by analyzing the situation, we identify the basic & the actual requirements & separate them from the pseud & consumer demands. By developing an extensive network organized from worldwide multipurpose companies, we are trying to eliminate the pseudo chains & for existing questions & needs, wrong & low efficient solutions were deleted & the most suitable answers plus the smartest solutions would be founded even if finding these solutions would need lots of effort.

Although some of the industries are seeking for creating pseud needs & consumer solutions, we believe that essential requirements could lead us toward answers which are smarter, more efficient, more accurate, and at least they will lead to a real beneficial result.

Glorinda and its complexes have been created in respect of this transcendent path. We want to become the database of humanity’s factual needs & the existing or made correct responses by ourselves to fulfill the obligation of making the Earth a better & sustainable place for living.