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“Chemicals Are the Invisible Cause of Every Existence”

The existence of today’s advanced industry is mostly thanks to the chemical industry’s progress; It means each creating newer materials via chemical reactions & purifying the target material is the main reason that second-hand consumer industries could have to develop & grow.

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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Glorinda is the leading caretaker of this process which means zero-to-ten is on our hands; Basically, we mostly procure the required raw material for consumption of the first-hand industries through our vast net grid of trade & finance worldwide that able us to provide the demanded raw material for any of our customers or business partners.


What we offer for
Chemical industry?

Glorinda can satisfy the demand for qualified raw-material since we have a great net of trade throughout the world, we always welcome new investments or collaborations & partnerships, we have a great team of experts, specialists, technicians, engineers, very tight & restricted policy on quality approval; Therefore, ensuring our colleges comes up to our priority that raw-materials are easily accessible through our canals, financially more suitable, quality is guaranteed & since we provide collaboration with a vast collection of vendors we can provide different materials for different fields.

Glorinda procures the basic materials needed for first-hand chemical & petrochemical industries plus we provide the processed or unprocessed materials for the second-hand industries too; For example, we procure a raw-material such as petroleum for industries such as fertilizers or pharmaceuticals or processed material such as gasoline, tar, bitumen, etc. for other uses same progress goes for nonpetroleum-based chemicals like nitrogen, choler, ammonium, etc.; We offer equipment of exploitation & safety, monitoring & instruments via our trade net and colleagues vendors.


Glorinda is seeking both procurements of raw materials, Chemicals, bulk materials,  & equipment of chemical & petrochemical market & always further cooperation with newly qualified colleagues on the same path.

“Glorinda is based on a policy of meeting customer needs by guiding its team and partners in a way that ensures high quality, appropriate & cost-effective services & products.”

Corporate Service

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Glorinda believes that a great investment is the one that comes with short & long-term benefits; Therefore, the ones that fit in this frame would be our goal. We have comprehensive services to serve the energy market. 

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